Pauline and Malcolm Tew have owned and operated many hotels in the last 25 years in WA including The Margaret River Hotel and Rottnest Lodge.  They started the MyHotel brand with the development and operation of The Outram Hotel in West Perth.  This property became the first Small Luxury Hotels of the World in WA.  In 2010, Pauline was invited to become a Board Member of the Small Luxury Hotel Group. Her experience, knowledge and advice in relation to tourism product is recognised both nationally and internationally.

During the past 8 years MyHotel has operated Smiths Beach Resort and Injidup Spa Retreat. Both of these properties also obtained membership into Small Luxury Hotels of the World, quality and individuality are paramount for any hotel or resort to be eligible for membership.

As Myhotel enters a period of further growth and development, the group has decided to structure their areas of expertise into various components.  The following is a broad outline of the group:

  • Jewel Hospitality Pty Ltd – consultant and project management arm involved with tourism projects and asset management.
  • Myotel WA Pty Ltd – owns and operates the management rights of Injidup Spa Retreat and provides the branding for the group.  Myhotel WA Pty Ltd is responsible for entering into the partnerships with the Owner of the Hotel, Resort, Serviced Apartment or Retreat.  This ensures the project is developed with an authentic experience.
  • Your Hotel Brain Pty Ltd – the operational management company will operate the property with global trends and experience. Every guest will experience a service that depicts the style and professionalism of the team.

The point of difference that the group can offer is based on its people, service and best practise.

Lisa Maclaren works with Pauline as part of the small team of specialists that work within the Myhotel Group.  Lisa has gained extensive experience in the operational aspects of tourism products throughout her career.  Lisa and Pauline worked together on many projects over the past 25 years which led to Lisa joining the Myhotel group in 2001 on a full time basis.  Lisa’s experience and expertise in managing hotels, resorts and food and beverage entities throughout Perth, Margaret River and Yallingup has been an asset to the group.

Lisa Miles provides the group with the financial and regulatory processes and procedures.  Lisa has been working within the hospitality industry for over 15 years and has experience in both operational perspectives as well as reviewing potential acquisitions and new products.

Myhotel has operated hotels under various arrangements including Hotel Management Contracts, Syndicate Agreements, ASIC and Real Estate Schemes and Management Rights Schemes.  Our aim is to build profile, market share and growth during our tenure whilst operating using international best practice and global trends.

The Myhotel Owner/Operated portfolio has included:

  • Injidup Spa Retreat – Management rights ceased May 2017
  • Smiths Beach Resort - Management rights sold 2015
  • The Outram Small Luxury Hotel - Sold 2009
  • The Margaret River Hotel - Sold 1998
  • Rottnest Lodge Resort - Management rights sold 1989